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Melissa Texas Garage Door Repair

Melissa Garage Doors provides professional Garage Door Repair in Melissa Tx for residential and commercial garage doors. We have been serving the people of Melissa Texas for many years and have the knowledge to fix any issue fast. 

We can service your garage doors today when you call before Noon.

Our certified service professionals take pride in working for a local company and will meet with you one-on-one to explain our services and warranties and discuss your specific needs. When you choose us, you can count on superior product quality and expert garage door repairs. We offer prompt, guaranteed service repairs for both residential and commercial customers. Call us or click the contact us button to book an appointment to get your garage door repaired fast and on budget.

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The average garage door is raised and lowered five to seven times a day and goes many years without much maintenance. But garage doors don’t last forever, accidents happen, parts are worn and rusted, and torsion/extension springs can break. However, with the right maintenance, they can keep working like new for a long time. We believe in excellent customer service and professionalism, using quality garage door parts at reasonable prices. This has made Melissa overhead garage door company for the most trusted company in the Melissa Tx area.

garage door repair Melissa Texas

Melissa Texas Garage Door Repair Services

Below are some of our most requested garage door repair services that we get in Melissa Tx.

garage door spring repair Melissa Tx

Garage Door Spring Repair

A broken garage door spring can be easy to spot. Just look for the gap between the spring. This can put a lot of strain on your opener or make the door fail altogether. Garage door springs can be very dangerous to fix if you don’t have the expertise to take on this repair. We always recommend hiring a professional for this job.

garage door off track repair

Garage Door Off Track Repair

A garage door can come off track for many reasons. Most commonly is when the door is struck by a car. Sometimes it was not installed or aligned properly. No matter why or how this damage happens, we have the expertise to get it fixed fast!

garage door opener repair Melissa Tx

Garage Door Opener Repair

A garage door opener can sometimes have some electrical or mechanical issues and need repair. Whether the problem is something that can be fixed or if the garage door opener needs replacement, you are in the right place. We can get this service done for you today in most cases.

broken garage door panel repair

Broken Garage Door Panel Repair

A broken garage door panel is usually caused by being struck by a car. Other times it can be some other sort of accident or even weather related damage. In most cases, we can match the panel exactly. Contact us with details and we will give you an honest assessment and get your garage door looking like new!

broken photo eye

Malfunctioning Photo-Eyes

A miss-aligned photo eye can prevent your garage door from working properly. Before you call us with a garage door that won’t open, quickly go check if your photo eye is blocked. Hopefully, that is all the problem is, but if that is not it, get us on the phone and we will get your garage door running fast. 

broken garage door remote

Malfunctioning Remote Control

When everything seems like it is working, but your remote is not opening the door, first, check the batteries. Obviously. You might be surprised how many times a dead battery is the case. If that doesn’t work, it could be a programing problem. When your clicker isn’t clicking, call Melissa Garage Door!

broken garage door cable

Broken Garage Door Cabel Repair

A broken garage door cable is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. There are many reasons this can happen. Rust, wear and tear, something is rubbing on the cable and causes it to break, and so on. when your cable is broken, your garage door will not operate. Do not try to open it until it is repaired by a professional.

noisy garage door repair

Noisy Garage Door

Over time garage doors can become noisy and need some maintenance. This can be as simple as a lube and maybe new rollers. Sometimes it can require more in-depth repair. It is always a good idea to at least give us a call and we can help troubleshoot this over the phone, or come by to have a look.

garage door roller repair

Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage door rollers can sometimes become worn and need replacement. Other times if the garage door is not aligned properly, the rollers can wear much too fast. We will make sure everything is set up properly so you have a hassle-free door for years to come!

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When a problem with your garage door happens in Melissa Tx and you need a professional to help you out, give us a call or click below to send us a message. Either way, we can help you out 24/7 or even today when you call before noon.

Our technicians are highly trained, very friendly, and know how to get your repairs done fast and on budget! Contact Us Today!